emdb - Elvizz Movie DataBase

Project homepage (and DOWNLOADS) can be found here

Some screenshots of version 0.1.0 are available here

version 0.2.2 can be tested here

You can use these usernames/passwords to log in:
username password description
gast GAST Is allowed to see the list, but without movies marked as "aktuelle Kinofilme".
user USER Like gast but can also change his own password.
vertrauter VERTRAUTER Like user but can see the whole list.
verwalter VERWALTER Like vertrauter but can also add/modify/delete movies.
admin nope... you have to test this with your own database Is allowed to do everything: Add/edit/delete users, change properties (since 0.2.0), settings (since 0.2.2) and all the stuff verwalter is allowed to.

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